Funny Khabar Cricket Will feel great to work with Virat Kohli: Sourav Ganguly on India coach aspirations

Will feel great to work with Virat Kohli: Sourav Ganguly on India coach aspirations

In an interview to India Today, Sourav Ganguly said both Virender Sehwag and Anil Kumble could work together in the selection committee.

“If Anil Kumble becomes a selector, what else could be better than that? He brings honesty, experience and has been such a respected cricketer for India. Even Sehwag would make a good selector. He has courage and vision. He played his cricket in a way which contributed to wins. His analysis and reaction in big matches was spot on. So he will definitely do a good job. Both Anil Kumble and Virender Sehwag can be selectors for India,” Ganguly said.

Sehwag had gone on to say big names will come forward to be part of the selection committee only if they were adequately compensated. Ganguly was fully in agreement with his pupil’s thoughts.

“Definitely, selectors should get good money. Because selector’s is one of the most crucial positions in cricket. And the coach works with the team that selector picks. Coach has his inputs but the final decisions are made by the selectors,” Ganguly added.

At the moment, chief selector MSK Prasad is paid Rs 1 crore per annum while the rest of the selectors are given Rs 80 Lakh. These returns fade in comparison to the Indian coach who makes Rs 8 crore per annum. The current selection committee has a combined Test experience of 13 Test matches and it’s perceived to be going against them in selection matters with Kohli-Shastri making the team management.

Agreeing to crystal gaze the state of Indian cricket two years from now, Ganguly does not rule out him joining forces with Virat Kohli to take Indian cricket forward. “Two years is some time away. But I have said in the past as well, I am interested in being India coach someday. It will feel great to work with Virat Kohli because he is a match-winner. He is a champion cricketer,” Ganguly said.

One of the hallmarks of Ganguly’s success as captain was the belief he was able to inculcate in the team that they could win away from home. If given an opportunity as a coach in the future, the former skipper wants to set new benchmarks of winning overseas.

“If I can contribute and help the team win big tournaments and Test series in England, South Africa and the current Australian side with Steve Smith and David Warner that would be the venture. If the team can achieve that, it will be the USP of this side,” Ganguly said.

However, Ganguly went on to add that he doesn’t want to think ahead of his time and wishes Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri can achieve more success in the near future. “But two years is a long way away and let’s hope during this period as well, India continues to win the big tournaments they play in Australia and India and find success,” Ganguly said.


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