Funny Khabar Bollywood Zoya Akhtar doesn’t write roles for actors anymore

Zoya Akhtar doesn’t write roles for actors anymore

Many directors, as well as writers, have specific actors in mind when they write certain parts. During the writing process itself, they start relating certain characters in the screenplay to a particular actor or actress. But Zoya Akhtar, who recently directed ‘Gully Boy’, feels that this trend has changed now. The director expressed her views at the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, Australia, where she was invited to speak about breaking the mental barriers that often lead a writer to write parts with performers in mind. In fact, some filmmakers even have gone on to say that they would have stopped a particular film if that specific actor or actress hadn’t given the nod.

It took Zoya seven years to make her first film, ‘Luck By Chance’. Few people know that six actors refused the role that was finally played by Zoya’s brother Farhan. Zoya revealed that the film couldn’t have been made on a certain budged with a certain leading man. The ‘Dil Dhadakne Do’ director pointed out that back then, the mainstream actors weren’t open to playing roles that could be viewed as morally doubtful. Since then, Zoya moved on from the thought  that I can only cast one particular actor or actress in a role. The filmmaker further revealed that ‘Gully Boy’ is her first directorial venture where she got a yes from all the actors that she approached in the first go. Zoya is clear that she aims to make films, and she is not too attached to the thought of securing a specific actor anymore


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